Thursday, October 27, 2011


Been busy today trying to get Christmas cards made for the Wide Hollow bazaar on Nov.5th.I worked myself right out of my room since I have sparklies (Stickles) drying on every surface in my room.  So I am quitting for the night.  Got all my laundry done today too, so tomorrow should be able to gets lots done.  It might be work if I didn't love it so much.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creation or Natural Disaster

I have been working on a "Book Report" for the card club I attend and Craft Warehouse once a month .I get a free card magazine if I make several facsimilies of the ideas in the book with what I have. When I am feeling inspired I forget everything else and get totally absorbed in my "creations".  When I am finished I am sometimes shocked to see the mess I have also created.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Since my last post I have encountered many changes in my life. I have decided with the help of a dear and talented friend to start selling my cards. We are just beginning and will have our first exhibit on Sept. 10th at the Women's Century Club. How we are received will help me know if this is right. My little companion loves me whether I am a success or not.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet rewards

Last week I helped take care of two of my grandchildren who had to miss their school due to illness. I knew the chances were that I would catch it too, but was still glad to give them a warm comfy place while they were not feeling well.

Sure enough I now have the same thing. I would still do it again. But i received and unexpected reward this morning when, there was the pounding of small footsteps on my porch. Brooke arrived before school carrying a lovely potted tulip and a card thanking me for taking care of her last week and sending get well messages. She had embellished the card with drawings and sweet messages.

I'm so thankful to have these sweet little persons in my life. I helps me to smile between coughing spells.